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Zamp RZ-44CE FIA8859-2015

Certificaat: SNELL SA2015 FIA8859-2015

Zamp offer this newly certified FIA 8859-2015 Carbon Serie helmet with the most features and value.  This helmet offers the best technology value in Open Wheel, Closed Cockpit, or Kart.  Need Aerodynamics?  The Zamp RZ-44CE Serie has the Aero Kit included.  Need Fresh Air? You can mount Air Inlet accessories on the top or side of the helmet.  Ear Muffs are also included to silence your race environment and hear what you need to hear.  There is no other helmet like the Zamp RZ-44CE Serie, which offers so many different race set ups in this price range.   

Zamp RZ-44CE Carbon

Zamp RZ-44CE Graphic Yellow

Zamp RZ-44CE Graphic Orange

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