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Zamp Racing RZ-59 Serie SNELL SA2020

The Zamp RZ-59 helmet combines the latest Snell SA2020 helmet technology with the best value in the market! This model provides great ventilation and comfort. Inexpensive is redefined with this helmet, which can be compared with helmets that cost twice as much!

Zamp RZ-59 Mat Zwart

Zamp RZ-59 Mat Grijs

Zamp Racing RZ-59 Eigenschappen

  • Composite Fiberglass lightweight shell
  • Minimal Forward Venting with Scalp and Exhaust vents
  • Plush Fire Retardant Interior
  • Z-20 Series 3mm Shield with Tear Off Posts, 12.25in Center Posts
  • M6 Inserts for Head & Neck Restraints
  • Snell SA2020 Approved

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